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edit- will post a few one of a kind radio freqs i kept for myself. they’ll be up for sale tonight along with a fuzz overloader, 4 water pedals/bent delays, 2 repeaters a memory loss. maybe acid fuzz and junktone!



im packing up and moving to new zealand on thursday

im making a few pedals up over next few days will send them off as they sell. got three digital water pedals almost done and will post out the dlfos before i go

i took my much loved musicmachine organ/tape recorder down to musicswopshop- hopefully it finds a good home. .ps.you can feed the aux out into the mic inputs with effects to make her sing.

heres the link http://www.musicswopshop.com.au/stock?man=Sankei

will probably be out of contact for a few months but will be working on new ideas n stuff. cheers and thanks to everyone for supporting me and making it easy. best, rhys